yours truly, Nancy Lili

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I am a copy editor, transcriber, poet, baby momma, and these are things I like.

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I don’t have time for you anymore, Tumblr. I’m sorry.

2013, part three. Week twenty-five. For @libraries, I carry your heart with me.

  • My daughter is three months old today.
  • I’m somebody’s mother.
  • My baby is such a happy baby.
  • My baby daddy is a great man who loves me.
  • My baby daddy is happy.
  • I like the important parts of my life right now.
  • I’m happy too.

Part three, 2013. Week twenty-four. For @libraries.

  • Hair cut, the weight off
  • Bro-in-law + BFF gonna get married
  • Learning how to use the stroller (finally)
  • Farmer’s Market in the desert
  • Pleasing church people
  • Cook outs + our only friends in the desert